Any parent will agree, school forms can be the bane of our existence.

As the father of 2 boys in Primary School one of the many things I constantly battle is the endless stream of permission slips and forms required. If you are anything like me the last thing you want to do during a hectic school run is discover something that needed to be signed.

On the flip side I can’t imagine the administrative nightmare that both Teachers and the Bursar have to go through, keeping track of who has what and who has or hasn’t returned a form. Our school is brilliant at communicating and at the very least we can expect a weekly email in the form of a newsletter, but recently there has been everything from flu jabs, to residentials, school plays and sports, trips, events, food and fundraising, photos and not forgetting parent / teacher night.

If only there was a better way…

Save time and money with digital signature platforms

KwikTrust’s document management and e-signature portal is perfect for Schools and Academies of all sizes. By creating one central repository for all the forms and documents required at a school or class level, one person is able to effectively manage a single view of everything. The amount of time this would save staff could easily run into days over a single term. A Bursar for example would be able to easily see who has (or hasn’t) signed a form and generate a simple reminder. The beauty of the KwikTrust system is that every engagement is digital, forms only need to be printed when required and communication between the school and parents happens directly without the need to empty a school bag or replace a lost permission slip.

Reduce the Effort and Form Fatigue

Form fatigue is real and from the point of view of working parents it can be a nightmare. With the best will in the world kids between the ages of 0 -18 are more often than not, unreliable, forgetful, disorganised, distracted, messy and bad with multitasking.

Relying on our little bundles of joy to deliver accurate information or timely reminders regarding school activities sometimes feels like an exercise in futility. On one memorable occasion after having to physically leave work and go to school to give permission for my son to attend an offsite activity, I discovered that the form which I had signed weeks earlier was screwed up in the bottom of his school bag.

The Bursar smiled at me with a resigned look that said “you’re not the only one” and I can only imagine the additional workload she had to deal with that day.

By using KwikTrust this could have easily been resolved. A parent could clearly see which forms had been received and which ones were signed. The Bursar would have no need to call 20+ parents on the day of a trip and any parents who had forgotten to sign their form could do so via mobile or laptop from any location with an internet connection.


Save Money 

We know that costs are rising and budgets in the education sector are incredibly tight. Teachers are often forced to spend their own money on school supplies and in some cases we have heard that coffee is no longer being provided in staff rooms.

With a KwikTrust solution, there are savings across the board. Print costs are dramatically reduced, staff time is better managed and overall efficiency is significantly improved. With KwikTrust’s secure, GDPR-compliant platform it has never been easier for schools and the parents of students to coordinate, store, send and receive as well as sign important documents. During Covid it was great to see the widespread adoption of new technologies, which have ultimately improved school communication and function, isn’t it time we looked at a better solution for school forms?

To find out more about how a KwikTrust solution can benefit your School or Academy click on the link below and one of our team will arrange a 5-minute product demonstration and answer any questions you might have.



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