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Cheaper, easier and more efficient. Do more for less with KwikTrust. From contracts to due diligence, intellectual property to creative content,  we’ve got you covered.


Manage Your Documents with Ease

Asset creation and digital signatures

With KwikTrust, users can record, sign and validate important documents, files, and property for free.

In minutes upload your content to create a tamperproof, timestamped record of creation. Files can be added, validated, signed, and stored at any time and linked to the owner’s identity.

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Digital Signatures Made Easy

  • Digital Signatures: Need a contract signed? We’ve got you covered.
  • Send Your Documents: Want to share a SAFE or SAFT? We can do that too.
  • Work Together: Want to Collaborate online? Of course you can!
  • Build Your Ecosystem: Hoping to integrate with your existing systems? Our host of integrations is coming soon!
  • Manage Contracts: Hiring a new contractor? It's as easy as pie.
  • Secure Your Files: Need to Secure your mortgage docs? No problem.
  • PProtect Your Assets: Looking to record high value assets as proof of ownership? We're all about it.

Save Time and Expense


Create collaborative workspaces which are safe and secure. Work with different organisations and clients with ease. For example, legal cases. Our easy-to-use platform allows parties to collate evidence and agree in advance that the record is true; ultimately saving you time and reducing expenses.

Tamper Proof

Irrefutable Records

KwikTrust provides a clear immutable audit trail for every document uploaded onto the KwikTrust platform. Making company records, such as shareholders register, shareholders agreement, or minutes of a board meeting tamper-proof. 

A New Era of Security

Our Platform allows for easy, self-certified and third-party validation of files, with the results stored securely on a blockchain, creating an irrefutable record of activity. The KwikTrust solution is faster, simpler, more secure and less expensive than competitors.

Use Cases

Create Collaborative + Secure Work Environments

Create collaborative, secure digital working environments with full audit trail capabilities and tamper-proof file management, for working with business partners.

Record High Value Assets

 Record property deeds and other high-value assets by locking together the owner’s identity and proof of ownership into a transferable (patent pending) SuperNFT.

Make Tamper Proof Records

Make company records tamper-proof such as the shareholder’s register, a shareholders’ agreement, or minutes of a board meeting.

Onboard clients with Regulatory Compliance

Onboard clients in a regulatory compliant manner for legal, accounting, and professional services businesses, from KYC through to working in a secure digital working environment, sharing and granting privileged access to files.

Manage time-sensitive files online

Manage time-sensitive files online, like contracts that have an expiry date. KwikTrust will send you a reminder when a contract is about to expire.

Collate evidence for a legal case

Collate evidence for a legal case so all parties agree in advance that the record is true, saving you time and reducing expenses. 

Send invoices to customers on KwikTrust

Send invoices to customers on KwikTrust to prevent fraudsters from intercepting emails and changing bank details.

Record Covid data for individuals

Onboard clients in a regulatory compliant manner for legal, accounting, and professional services businesses, from KYC through to working in a secure digital working environment, sharing and granting privileged access to files.

Record proof of ownership of digital property

Record proof of ownership and origination of digital property, demonstrate provenance and authorship, and mint into a Super-NFT (patent pending) as a transferable asset; including



  • Intellectual Property, Designs, Computer Code and Digital Copyright
  • Digital Artworks, Music and Video
Record proof of ownership of assets

Record proof of ownership of physical and digital assets, demonstrate provenance, validate owner’s identity, and lock together into a Super-NFT as a secure transferable asset; including:

  • Physical artworks, collectibles, wines, and precious metals
  • Car, boat and aircraft ownership
Manage supply chain relationships

Manage supply chain relationships more efficiently by assessing risks, carrying out due diligence and validating information, in order to create and maintain clean and trusted data.

About Us

Making Digital Signatures Easier (and cheaper!)

One of the most common digital requirements for any business involves signing, sending, storing and receiving documents. This often revolves around things like contracts and invoices however more and more businesses are discovering a need to manage and empower their digital activities which include a far wider range of documents and files.

It isn’t uncommon for these processes to become complex as they evolve around chains of various legacy software which are not quite fit for purpose. What is needed is a simple and affordable solution that is built for Compliance, Privacy, Security and Visibility with a clearly verifiable audit trail.

KwikTrust Provides Just That. 

Not only does KwikTrust empower our users to create collaborative workspaces which are safe and secure, we make it easy to work with different organizations and clients as well. Our unique digital signing and data storage solution also benefit from our partnership with IBM which leverages Hyperledger Fabric. By integrating this permissioned blockchain solution KwikTrust is also able to scale our verification and validation to enterprise levels.

All of this means that for any organization, no matter how big or small we have a digital storage, signing and validation solution which is among the fastest and most affordable on the market.


“As a financial and a production accountant working in the film industry, I work in regulated activities dealing with payroll, insurance and contracts. A large number of files have to be secured and shared, which is a concern when I have to give third parties access to folders. This is a better solution than anything else I’ve used as the files can’t be tampered with.”

Fiona Watson


Meet the Team



University of Oxford, Blockchain Strategy Programme. A judge and mentor for the Deutsche Bank-sponsored We In Social Tech accelerator, and government-backed Start Scale Grow programmes. Business advisor and Director of a global media business.


Yasir Qayam

University of Oxford, Blockchain Strategy Programme. Project management and product development expertise, APM – Project Management Qualifications, BEng Queen Mary University.


Christina Ashley

Results-driven strategic marketer with a passion for digital-led business models and market disruption. Experience with blockchain enterprises, SaaS startups, and AWS partner marketing programs.


Hassam Khawaja

Experienced in quantitative research, market research & financial analysis. Formerly at JLT plc in group tax. First-class Bachelor’s in Finance & Accounting (Anglia Ruskin University). MSc International Finance (London South Bank University) & MBA holder (University of Wales).


Muhammad Sabir

Experienced software engineer for over 9 years. Responsible for delivering apps and projects across multiple domains, including Social Networking, Education, Call Centers, Health & Fitness, Religion, Communication, Banking and Financial Services.


Nick Spiller

Hands-on product leader, who’s previously held senior director roles in various Fintech startups, FTSE 100 companies, and Crypto unicorns. Has scaled and sold his previous business. Qualifications in user experience
and behavioural psychology.


Renaldo Da Costa

Solicitor in England and Wales, Graduate of BPP Law School and Newcastle University, and completed training contract at Lisa’s Law in London. Previous experience including legal internship at AIA Group and Debevoise and Plimpton (Private Equity Department). Blockchain enthusiast and Hong Kong national.

Business Development

Dunmore Sana

Head of Business Development Africa for KwikTrust. Economist & Blockchain enthusiast with experience in working in diverse cross-functional teams in the Blockchain industry. Possesses certifications in Blockchain Business Models, Blockchain Scalability and  Foundations in Distributed Systems, and Blockchain Applications. 

Our Trusted Advisors


Peter Longworth

Founder and CEO of Asset Labs, blockchain development and advisory company building iTrust. An advisor to, and investor in, various blockchain and DeFi projects, with 20 years of experience in traditional finance with HSBC and Citi Bank.


Delia Sabau

20 years of experience working in the world’s leading financial services firms, and managing global investments with in-depth industry expertise, quantitative investment research, and cutting-edge technology experience. MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and University of Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme.


Artur Pszczoikowski

Managed digital activities at a Swiss-based global corporation with an annual turnover of more than $4 Billion. Extensive networks in Poland, UK & Switzerland (Crypto Valley). Expertise in business analysis & marketing strategies for blockchain projects. Oxford University Blockchain Strategy Program. Christie’s NFTs for Experts 2021.

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