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KwikTrust accepted to FCA program Innovation Pathways

KwikTrust is excited to announce that we will be receiving Innovation Pathways support from the FCA.

Written by Christina Ashley

August 18, 2022



Innovation Pathways is a unique program set up to help financial services firms launch innovative products and services. At Innovation Pathways, the aim is to promote innovation through helping innovative firms understand how regulation relates to their activities and removing barriers to entry through ongoing monitoring of their rules and regulations.

With acceptance to Innovation Pathways KwikTrust will be provided with 6 months of support. We have also been assigned a dedicated FCA case manager for the duration of the program.

This support helps us to understand the regulations and navigate the regulatory regime with the end goal being to build and add to the tools needed to launch a regulated business.

Support includes customised signposting, an explanation of FCA rules, guidance through informal steers, meetings with FCA subject matter experts on regulatory implications, and support with the authorisations process.

The benefits for KwikTrust are numerous. They include the ability to refine aspects of our business model, whilst receiving regulatory advice, and solve some of the challenges we have set ourselves.

Throughout our journey, KwikTrust has been open and transparent about our business model including challenges and developments. This transparency has helped us to receive the tailored support and advice from Innovation Pathways.

KwikTrust is grateful to our incredible community that has helped us on our journey thus far. We cannot wait for what the future brings and are thrilled to get started with Innovation Pathways.

Please Note:

The FCA treats all non-public information confidentially. The FCA does not endorse our business model.

For more information on innovation pathways please visit: .